The future ready laptop that looks it

Beauty and brains – yes, you can have it all

Let’s face it – in life we seem to always want it all. Is that really so bad? Is it too much to ask? Historically speaking, when it comes to technology in the work world, it is.

You see, IT’s needs and employee desires have always been at odds with each other. The former wanting secure and manageable devices while the latter want something sleek and lightweight to travel with. The problem is that it’s hard to find something that delivers on everything.

The balancing act

And so a delicate balancing act to please both sides begins.

Finding this balance is more important than ever as 86% of senior executives say that the quality of tech available would influence their decision to accept a new position while 50% say they would leave their current position.

With more employees on the move thanks to technology, IT needs to be able to keep up more than ever, armed with the necessary tools to update and fix problems wherever their employees may be.

IT also knows all too well that the biggest cause of breaches is from employee mistakes (sending an email without encrypting it, logging on in the unsecure coffee shop, opening up a file from an unknown sender). So they’ll need cutting edge security to protect their data from outside threats but even more from the unwitting inside ones.

Have it all

Fortunately, with the advances in today’s technology the balancing act is over.

Meet the Dell Latitude 7000 Series laptop from Dell.

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